America The Great Cookbook by Joe Yonan

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America's best baking inspiration and advice in one beautiful package.

This stunning hardcover cookbook will quickly become a favorite in any baker's kitchen. Written by Joe Yonan, this 482-page cookbook features contributions from chefs across country. Yonan asked the best chefs in America the same question: "What do you love to cook for people you love?" then he compiled the results into this exceptional cookbook.

With an incredibly diverse set of recipes, from cinnamon rolls with maple sugar and buttermilk frosting to to homemade laffa bread to raspberry swirl meringues to fried chicken and red velvet waffles, this book represents the tastes of some of the best-regarded chefs cooking today. Not only are the flavors bold and vibrant, and the recipes clear and beautifully written for any skill level, but the book is a wonderful tour of flavors and cuisines that make up the rich culinary tradition of America.

Best of all, you'll find a contribution from King Arthur Flour's very own PJ Hamel, Charlotte Rutledge, and Amber Eisler.

What you get
  • Hardcover; 482 pages
  • Bright, beautiful photography
  • 100 featured chefs and their best recipes