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Baker's Grain Sourdough Bread Recipe Bundle

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To bake our wholesome Baker's Grain Sourdough Bread recipe easily at home, we've bundled together our Glazed Long Covered Baker, Fresh Sourdough Starter, Sourdough Tips and Recipes Guide, High-Gluten Flour, Harvest Grains Blend, Potato Flour, Artisan Bread Salt, SAF Yeast, and a printed recipe.

Here's our Baker's Grain Sourdough Bread Recipe »

What you get
  • Glazed Long Covered Baker (13¼" x 5¼" x 3")
  • Fresh Sourdough Starter (1 oz.)
  • Sourdough Tips and Recipes Guide
  • High-Gluten Flour (3 lb.)
  • Harvest Grains Blend (2 lb.)
  • Potato Flour (1 lb.)
  • Artisan Bread Salt (4 oz.)
  • SAF Yeast (7g)
  • Printed recipe