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Coconut Macaroon Mix - 3-Pack

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The quickest and easiest shortcut for delicious cookies: Just add water and bake! Each soft, chewy bite of these classic coconut macaroons has a golden exterior and a nutty coconut flavor.

Our mixes offer a simpler way to bake. You can rely on them for delicious, consistent results; your family and friends will look forward to them every time. To make them the best (award-winning!) they can be, we start by selecting our very favorite, tried-and-true recipes. We do the measuring and mixing for you. It’s cutting time, not corners: all you need to do is bake!

We use only simple, good ingredients—the sort we bake with every day in our kitchens. No artificial colors or flavors and all non-GMO.

What you get
  • Each box makes about two dozen cookies
  • 3 boxes