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Do Nothing Sourdough Recipe Bundle

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Save with our bundle of premium baking essentials!

We love this wonderfully crusty, chewy, flavorful bread — it's as close to hands-free sourdough as you can get! To bake our Do Nothing Sourdough Bread easily at home, we've bundled together the essentials plus a printed recipe to get you started.

Here's our Do-Nothing Sourdough Bread Recipe »

What you get
  • Dough Rising Bucket (2 qt.)
  • 9" Round Brotform
  • Bread Lame
  • Fresh Sourdough Starter (1 oz.)
  • Sourdough Tips and Recipe Guide
  • Artisan Bread Salt (4 oz.)
  • Diastatic Malt Powder (4 oz.)
  • Printed recipe