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Half-Sheet Parchment and Sheet Pan Set

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Professional bakers use parchment for a reason: it just makes life in the kitchen SO much easier! Nonstick, precut, reusable parchment is your best baking assistant. Line your baking sheets or pans with a sheet and forget about scrubbing afterward. Simply slide cookies off after baking, and use over and over again. Reach for a sheet of parchment before rolling out pie crust or shaping a fancy yeasted coffeecake. Moving your dough around will be a breeze, and much more secure. Fits perfectly on our Half-Sheet Pan. Made of aluminized steel for even heat distribution and years if reliable use. Coated on both sides with a safe non-stick coating to assure safe transfers and easy cleanup.

What you get

100, 16½" x 12¼" parchment sheets and 1 - 13" x 18" half-sheet pan. Half-Sheet Pan has a Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

Test kitchen tips

Here in the test kitchen, we reuse each sheet of parchment sheet until it falls apart, which is many uses, so this amount of parchment will last you a VERY long time. Recommended maximum temperature for single use: 500°F. For multiple uses: 450°F.

More information


Pan and parchment are both made in the USA. The pan carries a Limited Lifetime guarantee.