King Arthur Sustagrain Barley Flour - 2 lb.

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Good, and good for you!

Finely ground Sustagrain® barley flour is exceptionally high in fiber and low in starch, making it one of the lowest glycemic index (GI) grains you can add to your diet. It's a simple--and baking-friendly--way to add fiber and whole-grain nutrition to everything from sandwich loaves and other yeast breads to cookies and cakes and scones. With three times the soluble fiber of oats, it's a delicious, nutty-tasting way to add nutrition.

The nutrition benefits are impressive! Barley has a balanced blend of soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps smooth out spikes in blood sugar. High in fiber foods like barley are key for digestive health, heart health, and keeping you feeling full and energized. Best of all, barley tastes delicious! It adds a wonderful flavor to your baking, whether sweet or savory.

Use it in place of the some of the all-purpose flour called for in your favorite recipes, or pair it with other whole-grain flours in recipes like our Crunchy Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies.

What you get
  • 2-pound bag
Dietary information
  • Kosher.
  • 30g whole grains per serving.
More information

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