King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour 5 lb.

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An essential ingredient for every baker, our unbleached all-purpose flour works in any recipe calling for "flour" or "all-purpose flour," yielding exceptional results.

Unbleached and unbromated, this flour is milled to be versatile: strong enough for bread, and gentle enough for tender, delicate scones and cakes. Use it in any recipe calling for just plain flour or all-purpose flour – it's a basic pantry ingredient that we've perfected and tested with the strictest specifications in the industry, so you can rely on it for all of your cooking and baking needs. Milled from the finest American wheat, our flour is prized by chefs, bakeries, and culinary schools around the country for its consistency and performance.

Martha Stewart lists our all-purpose flour as one of her 12 favorite things – and we're happy to agree.


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What you get
  • 5-pound bag (approximately 18-19 cups)
  • 11.7% protein content
Dietary information


Care & storage

Store in a cool, dry place.