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New England Hot Dog Buns Recipe Bundle

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These classic buns have golden-crust tops and bottoms, a soft texture, and have been filled with everything from hot dogs to lobster salad in these parts. To bake our New England Hot Dog Buns easily at home, we've bundled together the essentials plus a printed recipe to get you started.

Here's our New England Hot Dog Buns Recipe »

What you get
  • New England Hot Dog Bun Pan 15½" x 6½" (makes ten 5½" x 1½" buns)
  • Instant Yeast (7g)
  • Non Diastatic Malt Powder (16 oz.)
  • Baker's Special Dry Milk (16 oz.)
  • Potato Flour (16 oz.)
  • Cake Enhancer (9 oz.)
  • Printed Recipe