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Pumpernickel-Rye Hearth Bread Recipe Bundle

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This flavorful loaf uses our Potato Flour for increased moisture and our Organic Pumpernickel Flour for mineral-rich goodness and the classic taste of rye. It's flavorful sliced, toasted, and smeared with a generous quantity of melting butter. It also makes a dynamite Reuben Panini. Brush the top of your bread with egg wash and sprinkle on the topping for a picture-perfect finish. To bake our Pumpernickel-Rye Hearth Bread easily at home, we've bundled together the essentials plus a printed recipe to get you started.

Here's our Pumpernickel-Rye Hearth Bread Recipe »

What you get
  • Artisan Bread Baker (13¾" x 9” x 3¼")
  • Organic Pumpernickel Flour (3 lb.)
  • Potato Flour (16 oz.)
  • Baker's Special Dry Milk (16 oz.)
  • Rye Bread Improver (16 oz.)
  • Artisan Bread Topping (8 oz.)
  • Instant Yeast (7g)
  • Printed Recipe