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Sensational Chocolate Set

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Why we love it: Love chocolate? You need this set. Create the best chocolate cookies, cakes, brownies, muffins, and more. Your imagination if your limitation when you have these in your pantry.

What you get

Set includes:

  • Espresso Powder- Chocolate and coffee go together like… well, like chocolate and vanilla. Both vanilla and coffee highlight chocolate's deep, rich flavor – without imparting any but the faintest hint of their own flavor. Add a teaspoon or two of espresso powder to your favorite brownie, chocolate chip cookie, devil's food cake, or other chocolate recipe, and taste what a difference it makes – your chocolate will sing! 3 ounces.
  • Triple Cocoa Blend- Our triple cocoa blend works perfectly in your grandmother's chocolate cake recipe, and equally well for the brownie recipe (calling for Dutch-process cocoa) you just discovered in a blog. A lighter blend of three cocoas: Dutch-process, for its depth of flavor; natural, for its chocolate-y taste and hint of warm color; and black, for its deep color; Performs beautifully in every recipe calling for unsweetened natural or dutch cocoa. 1-pound.
  • Barry Callebaut Semisweet Chocolate Chips- Quality chocolate makes such a difference in these chips, which melt smoothly and are just the thing to tide you over if you need a quick snack. We use them by the bucketful in the test kitchen, for any recipe calling for chocolate chips. 1-pound.