S'mores Cupcakes Baking Box

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Here's how it works

Each box includes step-by-step directions complete with photos, pre-measured ingredients, and specialty baking tools for a beautiful creation. Our Baking Boxes are extensively tested by both experienced and novice bakers, to ensure a perfect outcome! And don’t stop at s'mores—try our next baking box adventure.

For this box, we're helping you make a delicious twist on a classic treat: s'mores! We’ve transformed the beloved campfire dessert into a delicate graham flour cupcake topped with chocolate and a thick layer of marshmallow. After a quick toast under the broiler, the cupcakes are drizzled with more chocolate… give us s’more! In your box you'll get a pastry bag and tip, as well as ingredients and instructions. At home, you’ll need butter, vegetable oil, 2 eggs, and milk.

What you get
  • Box includes step-by-step directions and specialty ingredients
  • Makes 12 cupcakes
From Our Test Kitchen

We love our customers's feedback! Here’s a tip based on the reviews below: If you have a stand mixer, get it out! The marshmallow topping whips up to a stiffer consistency. If you are using a hand mixer, use a very large bowl and tilt it as you beat, lifting your mixer up and down to keep the marshmallow from creeping up the beaters. Continue beating until the frosting holds a soft peak.

Our baking boxes are memorable baked goods, each formulated in our test kitchen for the finest home-baking results. Because we create specialty blends using a hint of this and a dash of that, an individual recipe is not included. We hope you enjoy your baking adventure!